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1. Whether the temperature of cleaned air while cleaning process rises or not?

No. Heat that escaped while after-burning of pollutions, insignificant as compared with heat capacity of cleaned air.

2. What is the useful life of the catalyst and where it can be changed?

Catalyst is not active storage. Degradation can be only in case if gas converter applied in limiting or outrageous behavior (pollutions which are bigger than rated value for a long time). In this case for recovery during 4 hours needed to heat catalyst up to 260-300C. Then catalyst efficiency recovers up to 80-85% of initial efficiency. In case of need catalyst can be bought from manufacturer.

3. How to choose “Yatagan” for certain conditions?

Generally Gasconvertor selected from standard installations list depends on volume of air that needs to be cleaned. Attention! Installation’s efficiency written on the title ismaximal.

Not allowed to use of Gasconvertor to clean bigger amount of air than specified on label.

Rarely if polluting substances in air are more than 1000mg/m3, please make draft proposal to producer of Gasconvertor.

4. What and how much “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” uses?

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” doesn’t have any active storage and use only electricity not more than 0,12Wt/m3. For example: to clean 6000m3 needed not more than 0,72 kWt/h electricity.

5. Where Gas converter can not be used?

Gas converter can not be used for:

  • Cleaning of flue gases
  • Gases which temperature higher than 100C without mixing with cool air.
  • Gases containing fluorine and it compounds
  • Galvanic production emissions

6. What to do if conditions do not suit to needed but cleaning must be done?

E-mail draft proposal to producer and receive Gasconvertor placing recommendations.

7. What kind of advantage has Gasconvertor in compare with other technologies that clean air from gases?


  • Cost
  • Dimension less 3-7 times
  • Current expenses
  • Electricity consumption


  • Efficiency
  • Productivity

8. How to install Gasconvertor if there is not enough space?

  • Blocks of Gasconvertor build in ventilating system using dispersed assembly method
  • Order to producer installation with required characteristics.

9. What’s the difference between using Gasconvertor to clean emissions and preparation (recycling) of air?

For recycling, preparing and sterilization of air used “Gasconvertor  “Yatagan-R”. This modification contains other catalyst and designed for cleaned, deodorized and sterilized air supply into rooms.

10. What is “Yatagan” purification efficiency and what does it depend on?

  • Appropriate packaging arrangement Gasconvertor can convert up to 99,9% from initial amount of polluting substances
  • Purification efficiency depends on polluting substances type and amount of air that need to be cleaned.
  • Purification efficiency NOT depend on amount of polluting substances (in the range 1000mg/m3)

11. What is the optimal work conditions and operating regime of Gasconvertor?

Best results of air cleaning ensured when:

  • Pumping of air that need to be cleaned – up to 75% from written on the label
  • Pollutions amount – not more rated value
  • Pollutions composition – organic nature fumes and gases

12. Do Gasconvertors have all needed certificates?

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” obtained all needed certificates.

13. Does the orientation play important role while assembling?

Gasconvertor need to be installed in level position.

14. Is it possible to get an equipment certificate?

To get the equipment certificate, manual, instructions and other documents you need to choose the way of receiving that suits you most.(post, fax, e-mail, other).

15. Does sterol cleaning catalyst differs from xylene cleaning catalyst?

In “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” combined organic substances oxidizing and ozone dissolving catalyst is used. So for all types of organic substances one type catalyst is applied. Other type catalyst application can be used for cleaning air from nitrogen oxide.

16. Does installation release ozone and in what concentration?

Ozone, produced inside Installation, partly spent to organic oxidizing and almost decomposes in Installation’s catalytic block. Ozone outlet not exceeds MPC.

17. Does Installations need cooling?

While Installation’s working process there is no heat releasing elements besides power modules. For normal work of Installation its necessary to provide operating temperature lower than +40C

18. Does Installation release water while working process and how much?

Production of water as a result of organic substances oxidizing chemical reactions in Installation is insignificant and it goes out like steam with cleaned air.

19. What is maximal temperature of air that being cleaned?

Standard “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” installations intended to clean air which temperature not higher than +100C.

20. From which material Gasconvertor is made?

Frame of Installation is made from special aluminum shape. Case made from containing polyurethane foam isolation oxidized plate, can be made from stainless material. Conjunctive flanges – has rectangular cross-section, flanged by standard 20 or 30 mm ventilating bussing connection. Conjunctive dimensions – by Customerapplication.

21. What are required parameters of electricity?

Installation connected to 200V network 50Hz. Installation power consumption – not more than 0,15 Wt per 1 cubic meter of air that being cleaned.

22. What except electricity needed to work of Installation?

Installation not contains active storage and components and uses only electricity.

23. Is Gasconvertor a filter?

This type of equipment is not a filter, but Gasconvertor. So here is no filtration of polluting substances, only converting one substances into another (harmful into harmless). So all poisonous and evil-smelling organic nature gases decomposed and at the end converted into CO2 and H2O. Evident advantage of Gasconvertor is absence of active storage required in filters.

24. What sizes Installation has?

Yatagan size spectrum can be looked on our web site. Sizes fit to air duct section, length from 1,5 up to 8 meters. Also can be used deconcentrated assembly, when three “Yatagan” blocks are autonomously set in ventilating system, most important is to observe connecting succession: first block, after it second block and than third block.

25. What is the price and sizes of “smallest” “Yatagan?

Size spectrum starts from “Yatagan 0,75-1000” model, its price is 97 500 rubles, sizes: length – 1.0 m, section – 600x200mm.

26. Why there is no Installation smaller than “Yatagan 0,75-1000”?

This type “Yatagan” selected by optimum relationship: price-productivity. It also could be made smaller but the price will not be lower.

27. Electric energy demand?

Big advantage of this type equipment is very small electricity consumption, for example power of “Yatagan 1,5-1000” is equal to 0,18kWt, it is lesser than power of the flat iron that uses approximately 1-2kWt and its power equal to standard lamp. The biggest “Yatagan” standard series “Yatagan 150,0-1000” consume 18,0kWt electric energy.

28. Where can be installed?

To any suitable place of ventilating system.

29. How warranty and post-warranty service are made?

Warranty service cost is included into equipment price and made by company’s own specialized service center. Post-warranty service is made under preventive maintenance agreements.

30. Is there some foreign analogs?

All over the world there is no similar installations, this is new Russian product based on military and space technologies.

31. What purification efficiency will have “Gasconvertor  “Yatagan 15,0-1000” while cleaning air which contains 6000mg/cubic meter of sterol?

In the conditions when amount of sterol up to 1000mg/cubic meter – purification efficiency not lesser than 95%.

In the conditions when amount of sterol up to 6000mg/cubic meter – purification efficiency not lesser than 65%.

32. Now we could not exactly determine required and sufficient for us purification efficiency. What shall we do?

We recommend installing minimal cleaning power Gasconvertor (relevant cleaned air volume efficiency), than if needed, power of Gasconvertor can be increased by installing additional gas discharge blocks.

33. Does presence of catalyst mean that temperatures should be high?

No. “Ecopromika” company uses in “Yatagans” new age catalysts (2004th year patent) This type catalyst can be effective from 0 degrees C.

34. What function does catalyst have?

Extraoxidizing, decomposition of redundant ozone.

35. Is there some active storage?

Only electricity.

36. Can it be placed in a room?


37. What is the maximum possibility of cleaning?

Up to 50% LCEL (lowest concentrating explosibility limit).

38. Period of fabrication.

Not more than 60 calendar day.

39. Where can be examined?

For the excursion to facility where “Yatagan” already installed you need to contact our manager and select required branch.

40. Trouble spots.

While producing and repairing Yatagans can be used only high-quality components.

Necessity of earthing in compliance with electric equipment arrangement rules.

For lack of analogs to compare, including imported.

41. How much of carbon dioxide and water produced while work of “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”?

Amount of produced carbon dioxide and water depends on type and amount of cleaned polluting substances.

For example:

1. Acetone (unsaturated hydrocarbon), amount in air 100mg/m3, purification efficiency 90%. In the Gasconvertor output produced: CO2 – 170mg/m3, H2O – 70 mg/m3.

2. Decane (unsaturated hydrocarbon), amount in air 100mg/m3, purification efficiency 90%. In the Gasconvertor output produced: CO2 – 28mg/m3, H2O – 126mg/m3

42. What is the warranty period and service life of “Yatagans”.

* Standard warranty period is – 12 months from the moment of first launch.

It is possible to extend mentioned period by both sides agreement.

* “Gasconvertors  “Yatagan” service life is 10-15 years from start of operation

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