Application of gasconvertor

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” application for plant conditions air cleaning

  • Printing establishment
  • Machine building
  • Livestock sector
  • Poultry keeping
  • Man-made materials
  • Soap boiling
  • Preserving
  • Materials impregnation
  • Food industry
  • Printing industry
  • Tanning industry
  • Plywood production, flake board
  • Chemical industry
  • Fragrance industry
  • Paint and varnish industry
  • Plastic, polymers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Tracing works
  • Furniture production
  • Flushing and drying
  • Water supply
Application area (branch) Cleaned pollutions
Printing industry (printing plants, printing offices) Solvents, ozone, volatile organic compounds.
Paint and varnish industry Acetone, ethanol, butanol, acrolein, volatile organic compounds, phenol.
Fragrance industry (soap, cream, shampoo, enamel, perfume etc. production) Acetone, ethanol, butanol, acrolein, volatile organic compounds, carboxylic acids
Pulp and paper plants Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans
Pharmaceutical industry (pharmacy, prescription department) Ethanol, acetone, hydrogen chloride, evil-smelling substances
Food industry
(Beer plants, fry, smoking, boiling etc.)
Evil-smelling substances, butyric acid, carbon monoxide, smoke.
Production of furniture, plywood, flake board, mineral cotton Phenol, formaldehyde, acetone, solvents
Production of polymeric materials and plastic Acetic acid vapor, formaldehyde, carbon oxide, acetaldehyde, ketones
Man-made materials production sterol, acetone, dibutyle ftolate
Parking bay, garage, parking. Carbon monoxide, incomplete oil burning products.
Painting chamber
(Service center, departments, plants)
Acetone, ethanol, butanol, acrolein, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, sterol, ethylbenzene, volatile organic compounds.
Tobacco industry
(tobacco processing plant )
Volatile and evil-smelling substances
Processing industry
Volatile, poisonous and evil-smelling substances
Domestic service
(Dry-cleaner’s  laundry, shoe repair)
Solvents, acetone, butanol

Now are developed and produce “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” installations as universal and higly specialized purpose. All types of installations are made for different air cleaning capacity  (from 750 m3/h up to 120 000 m3/h)

Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 1000»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 2000»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 4000»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 1000/4000»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 8000»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 200R»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan X,X – 2000R»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 3000 VK»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 3000 CBK»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 6000 CBK»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 9000 CBK»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 2000/8000 Laser»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 2000/8000 Laser МХ»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 4000/8000 Х»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 8000 С»
Gasconvertor «Yatagan Х,Х – 4000 МХ»


* In the nomenclature of installations the first figure (X, X) specifies the maximal productivity of installation on cleaned air in thousand cubic meters per hour. So for example “Gasconvertor “Yatagan 4,5 – 1000” is designed for clearing not more than 4500 cubic meter air per hour. For standard installations (except МХ type) value X, X can be from 0,75 up to 120,0.
* The second figure of the nomenclature shows the maximal polluting substances content in cleaned air (gases and fumes) in mg/cubic meters. Also it shows reinforcing level of this installation in comparison with standard installation.
* The alphabetic index in the nomenclature shows special execution of installation and the additional built – in options. Details are in descriptions to each type of installation.

Standard air cleaning circuit with using “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”