Food industry

Food industry pollutes air by different smells and smokes. For example:

  • Food aromatizer manufacturing – smells, also evil-smelling.
  • Meat and fish smoking – strong typical smells, smokes;
  • Meat and fish processing and packing factories - objectionable odor.
  • Pet food manufacturing - objectionable odor;
  • Snacks and chips manufacturing – smells;
  • Nuts frying – smells, oil mist.
  • Mixed feed manufacturing – repulsive smell!!!

So practically any food industry enterprise emissions have typical, objectionable, often fetid odor. But smell doesn’t consist of just one substance. Smell is complex of different chemical substances. But most upsetting thing is that when amount of smelling substance is considerably below MPC smell is sufficiently strong.

  • Acetic ester;
  • Monocarboxylic acid;
  • Lactates;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Naphthalene;
  • Diacetyl;
  • Ammonium acetate;
  • Ethylbenzene;
  • Xylene;
  • Anthracene;
  • Acrolein;
  • Butyric acid;
  • Phenol;
  • Toluene;
  • Benzol;

Most harmful and hard-to-remove in this list of pollutions are SMELLS – chemical substances which even in small concentrations have typical strong smell.

So many item manufacturers faced with the task to clean ventilating emissions and working area  air from smells and aerosols.

”Ecopromika” company Ltd worked out and produce special equipment complex for cleaning air from smells and different gases – “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”. For today these type of equipment has the best “cost-quality” and “efficiency-dimensions” performance, practically doesn’t have replaceable parts, doesn’t need wastes utilization and has lowest cost of operation. “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” installationsefficiency confirmed by many tests on a stand in laboratory environment and operating enterprises.

Rest on field experience of  “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” on a different enterprises, related to food industry we recommend:

  • To clean ventilating emissions use “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 1000/4000”installations;
  • To clean air in recycling ventilating systems use “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 200R” installation;
  • To clean air of smokes (kebab houses, smoking sheds…) with practically all amount of smoke and smell converting use “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 4000 MX”.