Laser cutting of materials

Nowadays branch of industry related to application of laser materials in material processing actively developed. One direction of laser technologies is nesting pattern, cutting and processing materials by laser cutting complexes and machines.

While laser cutting produced different gas emissions consist of technological gases (CO2, N2, argon) and metal thermal decomposition material.

Depend on type of processed material (plywood, wood-particle board, plastics, metals, rubber, composite materials), types of pollutions can be different:

  • different smokes;
  • fumes, aerosols and organic nature gases
  • inorganic compound

“Ecopromika” Ltd Company developed and produces gas cleaning equipment complex to clean air from smokes, aerosols, smells, and organic gases which based on gas-discharge-catalytic air cleaning technology – “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”.

For today these type of equipment has the best “cost-quality” and “efficiency-dimensions” performance, practically doesn’t have replaceable parts, doesn’t need wastes utilization and has lowest cost of operation. “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”installations sterol cleaning efficiency confirmed by many tests on a stand in laboratory environment and operating enterprises.

Rest on field experience of “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” on a different enterprises, related to laser processing of materials we recommend to do cleaning of laser cutting and material processing machines emissions solely by exhaust ventilation scheme by application “Yatagan X,X – 2000/8000 Laser” installation. This type full complete set installation successfully makes cleaning of emissions from smokes, smells, organic fumes, gases and aerosols. While operating this installations’ storage and plasma elements need to be cleaned from smoke and aerosol particles.

Other modifications of Gasconvertors also can be used:

  • “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 1000/4000″ – this modification successfully collect gases and smells from ventilating emissions, but not intended to collect smokes;
  • “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 2000/8000 Laser MX”  – has inbuilt internal parts self-cleaning (washing and drying) system.