Plywood production

Wood based composite materials – consist of wood components (veneer, scobs,…) and binding material (wood resin,…). In production of wood based composite materials sources of formation and emission of polluting substances are plywood, wood-particle board, fibreboard, medium density fiberboard production line and other wood based composite materials.

Plywood - laminated material, consist of glued peeled veneer boards, often in composition with other materials. Depending on used glue type produced next labels plywood:
Heightened water resistance plywood, using phenol formaldehyde glue;
Medium water resistance plywood produced using urea-formaldehyde glue;
Medium water resistance plywood produced using albumin casein glue.

Wood particle board – produced from different types of wood (unbusinesslike wood, lumber waste, plywood production waste, pulpchips produced from waste wood)
In our country in hot board pressing for binding urea-formaldehyde resin is used.
Modern woodworking development provided by using of cheap formaldehyde based binders. They are cheaper than alternative resin types (PVA emulsion, epoxy resin) and has high strength index. But main demerit is PHENOL and FORMALDEHYDE content. Any resins and glues types contain these poisons (domestic and imported).

Formaldehyde (methanol),H2CO
Class of danger – 2
MPC one time maximal: 0,30 mg/m3
MPC average daily: 0,12 mg/m3
Influence to human – sensation of burning, cough. Headache. Sickness. Breathing problem. Pulmonary edema.

Phenol (hydroxybenzene), C6H5OH
Class of danger – 2
MPC one time maximal: 0,1 mg/m3
MPC average daily: 0,07 mg/m3
Influence to human – sensation of burning, cough. Headache. Sickness. Breathing problem. Gidiness. loss of consciousness. Symptoms can be delayed. While contact with skin – CAN PENETRATE THROUGH SKIN! Serious burns of skin. Shock. Collapse. Coma. Convulsions. Local anesthesia. Death. Eyes – constant loss of vision. Strong and deep burns.

In wood based composite material producing industry general ventilating emissions and working area air pollution sources are:

  • Mother conveyor and press placed area;
  • Binders producing area;
  • Finished-products storage area;
  • Glue rolling press area;
  • Smeared veneer dryers area;
  • Cooling chambers area;
  • Glue rolling and hot presses area;
  • Veneered items conditioning area;

Priming and painting of finished items.
Phenol, formaldehyde and other chemical substances can be removed from a working zone and fabrication facilities using exhaust ventilation and released into the atmosphere. But in that case two main difficulties appear.

  • Necessity to heat and fan incoming air in rooms.
  • Government limitation to release of harmful substances into atmosphere.

So many item manufacturers faced with the task to clean ventilating emissions and working area air.
Nowadays available several technologies of cleaning air: absorbing (activated carbon), scrubbers (liquid absorption), biological cleaning, reburning, catalytic, photocatalytic and gas-discharge-catalytic. All these technologies have positive and negative sides.

“Ecopromika” company Ltd worked out and produce special equipment complex for cleaning air for wood made composite materials (plywood, wood-particle board, medium density fiberboard) producing enterprises – “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”. For today this type of equipment has the best “cost-quality” and “efficiency-dimensions” performance, practically doesn’t have replaceable parts, doesn’t need wastes utilization and has lowest operation cost. “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” installations efficiency of cleaning air from gases confirmed by many tests on a stand in laboratory environment and operating enterprises. Rest on field experience of ““Gasconvertor “Yatagan” on different enterprises we recommend:

  • To clean ventilating emissions from phenol, formaldehyde and other gases use “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 1000” or “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 2000” installations;
  • To clean air in recycling ventilating systems use “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X -200R” or “Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X -2000R”

For full conformity with conditions of production specified installations by Customers request completed with different prefilters: dust prefilters (bag type single EU7 dust input filter or cascade EU4-EU9) or anti-aerosol volume absorption filters (Yatagan VAF).

For reference list contact our commercial managers.

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” air cleaning installations used on enterprises like part of ventilating systems (combined extract and input ventilation, recycling ventilation), or like separate local air cleaners.