Yatagan Х,Х – 4000 МХ

Installation types joint name
“Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X 4000 MX”

Installations purpose
Cleaning of ventilating emissions from smells and smokes of barbecue, smokehouse etc Achievable cleaning degree from 70% up to 99% depending on operating conditions.

Application area
Special installations for usage with barbecue, smokehouse etc.

Available dimension types
Gasconvertor “Yatagan 1,5 – 4000 MX”
Gasconvertor “Yatagan 3,0 – 4000 MX ”

Installations general description
“Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 4000 MX” – special installations. Consist of anti-adipose matter and anti-aerosol input filters, special gas discharge cells block, built in energy-transducers (220V power transducer, into 50Hz gas discharge cells voltage) and catalyst block. Case material is 0.7 mm galvanized steel.

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan X,X – 4000 MX” installations have built in automatic wash system of active elements. Automatics of installations controls next processes: metering of cold water, water heating, metering of cleaning agent, switching on of active atomizers, washing, water drain, rinsing, defoaming, and drying.