Cleaning technique

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” industrial catalytic air cleaning technique

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” – combined industrial air cleaning system, specially developed (dedicated) for gas cleaning in industrial and plant conditions.


“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” intended:- cleaning of air from pollutant gases or evil-smelling organic nature substances;- input air disinfection and preparation.

Cleaning efficiency up to 99,9%

“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” working principle is based on joint influence of multiresonant frequency volumetric barrier- streamer discharge, ozone, atmosphere air oxygen and catalytic influence on gaseous pollutant molecules. While transmitting polluted air through “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” powder-gas cleaning is made in some basic stages:

  1. 1. Preliminary gas cleaning from suspended dust and aerosol solids. This stage cleaning efficiency practically not depend on moisture and temperature of air that being cleaned.
  2. 2. Gas-discharge gas cleaning. Air that being cleaned while transmitting through gas-discharge block cells is exposed by high frequency and voltage volumetric barrier-streamer discharge. This stage of air cleaning ıs absolutely dıfferent from the effect provıded by ındustrıal ozonızer. Gas-discharge block cells are constructed in a way that allows every molecule to pass the discharge zone and to be discharged at least 5 times.In a result of this and other physicochemical factors effect molecule breakdown occur, created atoms and radicals excitation by ozone to harmless CO2 and H2O. This cleaning stage feature in “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” are low sensitivity to the amount of pollution in air that being cleaned and low power consumption (not more 0,12 W/m3). It is reached by the special structural decision of gas-discharge cells and electric power supply parameters of them allowing creating short-period variable frequency resonance oscillations
  3. 3. Catalytic gas cleaning is necessary for full cleaning air from pollution and final removal poisonous and evil-smelling substances from it. Combined catalyst used in“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” allows using itat temperatures of air already from + 0оC and higher. “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” gas-discharge cells power supply parameters and structure allows making such conditions at which organic pollution molecules completely destruct but in same time there is no decomposition of nitrogen molecules to the subsequent formation of its oxides. Thereby plasmacatalytic “Gasconvertor “Yatagan” makes possible to get almost clean air!!!!


All industrial air cleaners based on traditional methods and technologies of cleaning air from gaseous pollution have the certain restrictions at use. At the same time gas-discharge-catalytic cleaning technique used in “Gasconvertor  “Yatagan” doesn’t have such limitations.

For example

Cleaning Method  Restrictions   For “Gasconvertor “Yatagan”
Chemical gas cleaning Necessity of synthesis and reagent supply, reaction materials recovery - All needed reagents are created and reclaimed inside gas converter
- All parts and components of gas converter are not consumable
- The air cleaning quality of gas converter almost not depend on amount (from 0 up to 1000mg/m3) and structure of pollution in air.
- Cleaning efficiency 89-99,9%
- Expenses of the electric power do not exceed 0,12 W/m3 (no more than 0,72 kw for cleaning of 6000 m3 / m3/h).
-.Effective temperature of cleaned gases from 0C
- Standard Yatagan gas converters productivity from 750 up to 120 000 m3/h.
Sorptive gas cleaning Necessity of change of (periodical or in-line) sorbate, utilization (restoration) used sorbate.
Biological gas purification Poor efficiency, fast response to structure of cleaned air, cleaning materials utilization necessity
Electrostaticgas cleaning Cardinal object is removal from air dust, smoke and aerosol. Cleaning from gases just like side process, efficiency not more 10-15%.
Catalytic gascleaning Need big expenditure of energy to make high temperature in catalysis area. Need big amount of catalyst for normal efficiency.
Photocatalysisoxidationmethod Using mercury containing lamps, high dependence of cleaning from amount of nongaseous pollution, poor efficiency.


“Gasconvertor “Yatagan” (base case) purification efficiency from harmful substances.
  Substance   Purification efficiency % Substance   Purification efficiency %
Ozone 95 Toluol 90
Butyric acid 98 Formaldehyde 99
Acrolein 97 Phenol 99
Ammonia 99 Oil products 90
Acetone 99,9 Carbon monoxide 99,9
Benzole 92 Ethanol 99,9
Butanol 96 Aromatic carbohydrates 95
Hexane 99 Sterol 99